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What are GPTs?

GPTs, a brainchild of OpenAI, are distinct iterations of the ChatGPT model, innovatively designed for a wide array of applications. These custom GPT models enable users to generate and distribute unique versions fine-tuned for specific purposes, eliminating the need for coding expertise. They are versatile in nature, catering to various sectors like customer support, financial analytics, educational endeavors, summarization of discussions, and generation and examination of biomedical texts.

What is the GPT Search Engine?

The GPT Search Engine stands as an advanced tool, leveraging custom GPT model technology to refine search experiences. It offers intuitive search suggestions and a preview option for GPT outcomes. This engine simplifies the task of identifying the most suitable GPT for your specific requirements, be it in the realms of business analysis, educational assistance, or creative composition.

What is GPT Finder?

GPT Finder is a dual-functionality platform that not only hosts a GPT model but also offers a webpage interface for user convenience. It serves as a hub for accessing a range of custom GPTs, enabling users to search, preview, and choose the best-suited GPT for their particular task. The platform is designed to bridge the gap between advanced GPT technology and user-friendly access, making it simpler for everyone to leverage the power of GPTs for their unique applications.

Does the platform support search auto-suggestions?

Yes, our search functionality includes auto-suggestions to enhance the user experience.

Can I preview GPTs before I select?

Absolutely! Our platform offers a preview feature that allows you to see a snapshot of what each custom GPT offers before making your selection. For added convenience, you can navigate through the previews using the arrow keys on your keyboard, allowing for quick and easy browsing. Alternatively, if you prefer using a mouse, you can simply hover over the preview windows to see the GPTs in action. This interactive experience ensures you have all the information you need to choose the GPT that's right for you.

What if the GPT I'm looking for isn't in the database?

If the custom GPT isn't available in our database, you can utilize the 'enhanced by Google' search feature to find it.

How can I submit custom GPTs to the platform?

You can submit new custom GPTs for inclusion to our database by visiting our GitHub issues page at https://github.com/jesselau76/gpt-finder/issues/1.